How does kinesiology tape work and what are its benefits?

Talking about the modern ways of treating the athletes’ strains, sprains and sports injuries, the kinesiology tape is indeed a breakthrough. You might have observed celebrities and Olympic players wearing multicolored tapes on their back, legs, arms and shoulders. It will be very right to say that this type of tape is a revolutionary therapeutic elastic style of support that is meant to work in multiple ways in order to improve the circulation and health in ways that traditional tapes can’t even think of matching. This new type of kinesiology tape offers support and healing of muscles in a faster and thorough healing by facilitating the circulation of blood throughout the body.

Benefits of kinesiology tape:

There are several benefits of this tape as reported by the athletes. Some of them are as follows:

• Improved neuromuscular movement

• Pain relief

• Improved blood circulation

• Prevent injuries

• Manages swelling and pain

• Freedom of movement

• Faster and complete healing

Differences between kinesiology tape and traditional tapes:

There are several differences between the kinesiology tape and the traditional tape. They are as follows:

• Kinesiology tape is as flexible as skin, light in weight and non irritating adhesive

• It serves as an extra layer of skin that support the muscles and the ligaments beneath the muscles while the traditional ones were used to be used in layers of bandages that were wrapped around the skin.

• Traditional tapes were used to be worn for short periods of time while kinesiology tape can be worn for several days at a time. It can be there even when you are swimming or bathing.

The tape is applied to the skin in particular patterns that depends on the injury. One has to take facilitation of a certified practitioner get the tape applied in the right manner. The tape offers support to the muscles and stability for them and can also be used to treat or prevent edema. It is also effective in pain management.

Is it a myth that kinesiology tape offers relief?

A study was conducted to answer this question. Half of the athletes were treated by the kinesiology tape while others half were treated with the traditional tapes. The ones who were treated with the kinesiology tape got relief earlier than the ones treated with other type of tape. This tape is not useful and effective for athletes only but common men and women can make effective use of this tape as well. In other words it will be very right to say that this tape is meant for just any one who is with ligament or muscle injury. Last but not the least these are also useful for people who work out frequently.

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